About is a place for humans to share things with their friends, colleagues or even the world. Be that your blog, a journal, a diary or even your recipe book - anything is welcome, and it is up to you whether you want to share what you wrote with anyone. does not have any kind of social features, ads or tracking. It's purely a place for you to write, in peace, without any kind of noise. I do my best to learn, together with you, what makes the best, most enjoyable, most straightforward experience when writing things.

We do have 🔥 We don't have 🙅
It's free1 Ads or tracking
Hand coded Javascript2 or more styling than necessary.
Quaint styling Third party libraries, frameworks or CSS3
Ease of use Social features of any kind
Accessibility Unnecessary bells OR whistles

Markdown uses Markdown for the entries. Instead of paraphrasing, here's a good Markdown guide you can follow. We also use EasyMDE if you like clicking on buttons instead.

Helper classes for images

I've made a couple of helper classes that you can use with images when editing your entries.
Classes are added using curly braces right after the image in Markdown, e.g.:

![Image description]( {.half}


Would you like for your posts to appear in the latest posts? Would you like your blog to be reachable via the random function?
Make sure to check "Make your profile discoverable?" in the settings.

Get in touch is in beta, so issues are expected (so is a slow rollout of features). When something unexpected happens, or you have an idea how to make this little project better for all of us, please get in touch.

  1. Extra features are available. 

  2. Javascript is used for the editor, as well as confirmation when deleting entries. 

  3. We use EasyMDE with a reduced icon set for the toolbar and a locally hosted copy of the Public Sans font.