Aug 01 22

August 1st 2022 · 157 words, about 1 minute read

Emotional attachments short circuit my brain.

I become obsessed with them. They're on my mind 24/7.
It's very unhealthy.

And it's so damn hard to move on.

I've found it very important to keep silent during these times. The moment I begin to speak, someone's getting hurt.

This all looks familiar to my brain.
Feels like déjà vu. Going through all the same emotions again, after years of isolation.
It could've been worse.
But my brain was better prepared.
When you've had enough practice getting hurt, your brain just braces your heart for the impact of disappointment.

Fact of the matter is, nothing really happened.
But in my head, I was way ahead of the reality. I had already made plans and prepared for a future that only existed in my mind.

Nothing happened. Yet it brought back painful memories, and I thought so much had happened, because I was a fool living in his fantasy world.