Migration and uncertain times

May 18th 2022 · 399 words, 2 minute read

I've received some questions and comments about living in Lithuania and the current situation in Ukraine-Russia.
People have asked me how I'm holding up or if I plan to move and stay safe.

I've lived in a few countries across different continents and I'll say this: Home is what you make of it.
Quite contradictory to popular opinion, there is no perfect paradise. Each country that you visit will come along it's own set of problems. Problems tend to come and go. If you run at the first sight of trouble, you'll most likely be wasting a lot of time and resources that could've been put to better use if you'd stayed behind.

Another thing is that it's difficult to travel and relocate to a different country. It's a tedious process and quite difficult to find a good living space and work.

Of course none of this would be an issue if you were rich. For the rich can make any place their paradise. Life in general gets much easier when you're rich. Whether you were living in a war-torn country, poverty-stricken slum, crime-infested neighborhood or disease-ridden city. If you could live in luxury in the worst conditions, why move at all?

For the majority of the population, there is nothing they can really do apart from improvising and adapting to the ever-changing political situations and climate.

The reality is that most people aren't interested in the politics of their government and leaders. The common man just wants to live his life peacefully and go about his daily business.
So I think it's ridiculous to blame all the citizens for the actions of their leader and his military.

Another thing worth mentioning is that whenever there is a big problem that affects one nation, it automatically has an impact on several other nations, whether they like it or not. In the modern economy, every country depends on the stability of it's neighbors. When one country is affected, it automatically spreads the impact to every other nation that is somehow connected with it's economy. That's why when the food prices doubled in Russia, the gas prices doubled in the US. Of course, a lot of other countries were affected in different ways. But this is just one example.

We are living in uncertain times. First the pandemic, and now the war. But I think the worst is yet to come.