The human experience

August 14th 2021 · 365 words, 2 minute read

I am not a professional developer, but just a guy, same as any other, with a desire (and maybe, hopefully, by this time - with a little bit of skill) to create things. I learn, together with you, what it's like to create things that others, beside me, will find useful.

Writing for humans

While I have been making minimalistic and simple tools in their nature for a little while now (e.g. Saisho), after a brief thought I realized what the driving force behind this (or tagline if you will) is:

Making tools and services for humans.

I do my best to keep in mind that all of us are human, all of us have our own flaws, dreams, desires, problems, experiences, emotions - all of us, despite being absolutely similar, are incredibly different.

I would like to make sure this is very well reflected with, from the main page (despite the cliché "personalized greeting"), to the privacy policy page in non-legalese, to the editing experience. I am trying to make this into a genuine, straightforward experience the same way I would like to experience it from services that I use.

As I don't know what type of content the users of this services will use it for, be it just to dump the code to their newest creation, to share photos from their honeymoon, or even to jot down their emotions - I am doing my best to make sure the experience of using is empowering instead of a hindering one.

This is why I created this service, and albeit it's not perfect (then again, nothing ever is), I am at least hoping that I'm steering it in the right direction - it will always be an ad-free, privacy respecting publishing platform devoid of any kind of noise or social features (likes, shares, comments) as I believe that it is up to you, the reader to decide whether you would like to interact with others or even share your entries or not.

Let's make the world a better place for us, humans.