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Diary.by is a minimalist, clean, ad and tracking free publishing platform for your blog, journal, articles, code or even recipes. Register for free!

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We do have 🔥 We don't have 🙅
It's free1 Ads or tracking
Hand coded Javascript2 or more styling than necessary.
Quaint styling Third party libraries, frameworks or CSS3
Ease of use Social features of any kind
Accessibility Unnecessary bells OR whistles

Note: diary.by is currently in beta and I'm doing my best in making it as functional as it absolutely has to be. This means that you might experience some issues. If you do, please get in touch.

  1. Extra features are available. 

  2. Javascript is used for the editor, as well as confirmation when deleting entries. 

  3. We use EasyMDE with a reduced icon set for the toolbar and a locally hosted copy of the Public Sans font.